Since the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake happened in Japan in January 17th 1995,
we started disaster relief overseas with the spirit 'to help one another when one is at difficult time'.
We try to make relationships between affected people to learn from each other.

Afghanistan Grape Project (Ongoing)

Disaster Overview and Map

The conflict for over 30 years and the air raid in 2001 took and destoroyed many people's lives. People in Mir Bacha Kot Northern part of Kabul also have a huge effect from those incidents. We are supporting those who lost their grape fields from the armed conflicts.                        

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What We Do

1. Refurbishing the Grape Fields together in Afghanistan 'the Grape Fund'

We founded 'the Grape Fund' in June 2003 in order to support people who lost their grape fields in Afghanistan by the war or conflist. The fund 3,000,000 yen in total were contributed by our supporters and loened to 288 households with anchored by the cooperative association in Mir Bacha Kot, Kabul. With this loan, the grape farmers successfully refurbish their fields by getting farm tools and grape seedlings and 112 households paid back the loan in next year. The money paid back from people goes to next households. Currently 537 households refurbished their grape fields by using the Grape Fund in June 2013. Read more

2. 'Raisins from Afghanistan' Import and Sales

The amount of the grapes are incleasing year by year with the project. We hope many people have chance to taste the Afghan grapes and finally we just started importing their grapes as raisins. The grapes are dried in the sun in Mir Bacha Kot by the grape farmers and delivered to Japan Fairtrade Committee to get packed. The grapes have naturally sweet taste not in use of agrichemicals or added substance. The profit goes to people in Mir Bacha Kot. You can call our office to ge them. It may takes time to deliver. Please ask anything. Read more

Our Blog

Our Blog on Afghanistan Grape Project

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