Since the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake happened in Japan in January 17th 1995,
we started disaster relief overseas with the spirit 'to help one another when one is at difficult time'.
We try to make relationships between affected people to learn from each other.

Who We Are?

We thankfully had a huge support from over 70 countries when the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake hit Kobe in 17th January 1995. 'KOBE', which means all of the affected areas by the Earthquake, would like to share the experience to the next affected areas in the world with this keyword, 'to help one another when s/he is at the difficult time'.

CODE (Citizens towards Overseas Disaster Emergency ) was launched in 17th January 2002 as a Non-Profit Organization to be a place for citizens including companies, public administration, interntional organizations, research groups and NGOs with a lot of knowledge and skills.

We had 54 projects including the time we were the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Locan NGO Rescue Liaison Conference which was the predecessor of CODE. We always stand by the principle 'til the last one', to reconstruct people through standing by them and associating with them.

Help the Recovery
in the Long Term
Through the experience from KOBE , we cooperate with citizens and help rebuild their lives and their recovery in the affected areas. Recovery may take a long time. We stand by them in a medium and long term perspectives.
Respect Endogenous
Aspect in Local Areas
It is crucial to respect and grow local endogenous in order for the affected people to make their lives back by themselves. We believe that the affected people themselves should draw and make plans for future reflecting their own local cultures and customs.
Our Spirits
KOBE to the World
Making a Chain of Learning and Supporting
Each Other

Help the Socially
Vulnerable People
We share the pain that we had at the Earthquake in Kobe. We try to eliminate the situations which keeps the socially vulnerables have disadvantages. We focus on helping minority groups such as children, women, disabilities, elderies, people from overseas.
Til the Last One
In the relief projects, it is inevitable to restore the last one's human rights in direct/indirect ways. We respect one by one not categorizing  them as 'the affected people'. We listen to various voices from various people. We stop helping listening the last one's voice.

Our Goals
Improving the Power of Global Citizen by KIZUNA (Bondings)   The Society with Sustainability and Healing  
You can bond with people even if our countries are not bonding with each other. As the connections between the affected areas in the world cannot be faded, we can always find the language about natural disaster to communicate by recognizing different culture and customs. We CODE believe that these connections could help improving the power of global citizens and making peace. It is nesseccary to think about community, live and natural environment when you tackle the issues of disaster prevention and decreasing disaster. We try to think 'new society' not being hidbound the traditional valuess, which means that we focuse upon sustainable community living with nature. Preparation for disaster is required us to think.  

Who We Are?
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